Is this the Best beach in the world?

Ngapali Beach – one of Asia’s last hidden gems

Have you ever heard of Ngapali Beach in Myanmar? If not, you’re not alone. Before I came to Myanmar, I had no plans and the only thing I knew I wanted to see was Bagan. I thought Myanmar would be a lot about temples, pagodas and big cities. While I did see a lot of pagodas, I also saw one the most serene and beautiful beaches in Asia. When I took a taxi to my hostel, I managed to speak a few words with the driver. He told me that if I really wanted to relax and enjoy a good beach, I should head to Ngapali. I quickly wrote it down on my phone so I wouldn’t forget and vowed to go there, however long it would take me.

To my surprise, it wasn’t that difficult to get there. It took less than 13 hours from Yangon to Ngapali, on winding roads through the mountains. The bus cost me about 13$ and with that, I was on my way. When I finally got to go explore, I realized how small the area was and that there was just one big stretch of a beach. My first question was ‘which beach is the nicest?’ to which I got a funny look. Of course, there’s only one. And it’s a beautiful one. Although Ngapali isn’t a stranger to tourism – there’s lots of resorts here – it still feels very abandoned in a way, in comparison to the other beaches in Thailand. You almost have the entire beach all to yourself! There’s not a lot of vendors trying to sell you things and it’s just a very quiet, relaxed atmosphere. The water is crystal clear with white soft sand, the beach is surrounded by green palm trees and some sun beds which belongs to the resorts. The town itself is very small and there’s some restaurants and even small bars to choose from when your stomach starts to growl.

The beach really glows during sunrise so make sure that you don’t miss it if you’re there. The atmosphere doesn’t really change at night, it’s still very serene and quiet, which is perfect if you’re looking for a place where you can just relax. It’s bound to change in a few years or so though, since tourism in Myanmar is rising and more and more people are starting to discover Ngapali Beach. So if you want to go to one of Asia’s last hidden gems, make sure that you go to Myanmar as soon as you can and head to Ngapali Beach. You won’t regret it.

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